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FIRST Team 781 acts upon opportunities to connect and support the communities around us, whether they are local or international. We are always looking for a chance to spread the message of FIRST, and we participate in many community events to help achieve that. We create a partnership with other groups and organizations to make our area a safer, more connected, and environmentally friendly place to live. However, it doesn't stop there! We work alongside major relief organizations to assist those who live overseas and need our help. Our team is always striving to reach out to even the smallest of towns in our surrounding area and spark the spirit of anyone, whether individuals or entire businesses!

Throughout the summer and off-season, the Kinetic Knights can be found at all types of different community events demonstrating our robots. Whether it's one of our donor's events such as the Bruce Power Beach Party or one of our own, like our annual Open House, FIRST Team 781 is ready and willing to teach the public about how exciting science and technology can be with the FIRST program. We also bring along an FLL robot to demonstrate and encourage our younger visitors to join FIRST too. Each year the Kinetic Knights reach tens of thousands of people at our public events and through media coverage.

Thankful for the generous support from the community we live in, we do our part by giving back to our community either by raising donations or by volunteering our time. Team 781 has connected with other organizations to improve the lives of children in other countries, those affected by illness, and even by just making a drive to work more bearable by planting trees that will act as a barrier against drifting snow.

View the document we use to plan our events here.

On October 5, 2014, the Kinetic Knights joined up with the Kincardine Rotary Club to help out with their second annual Fall Beachside Run. With over 60 runners and joggers present, the event raised over $5,000 for the local Community Living branch. This was to help raise funding for their new building. 

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