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FIRST Team 781 acts upon opportunities to connect and support the communities around us, whether they are local or international. We are always looking for a chance to spread the message of FIRST, and we participate in many community events to help achieve that. We create a partnership with other groups and organizations to make our area a safer, more connected, and environmentally friendly place to live. However, it doesn't stop there! We work alongside major relief organizations to assist those who live overseas and need our help. Our team is always striving to reach out to even the smallest of towns in our surrounding area and spark the spirit of anyone, whether individuals or entire businesses!

Throughout the summer and off-season, the Kinetic Knights can be found at all types of different community events demonstrating our robots. Whether it's one of our donor's events such as the Bruce Power Beach Party or one of our own, like our annual Open House, FIRST Team 781 is ready and willing to teach the public about how exciting science and technology can be with the FIRST program. We also bring along an FLL robot to demonstrate and encourage our younger visitors to join FIRST too. Each year the Kinetic Knights reach tens of thousands of people at our public events and through media coverage.

Thankful for the generous support from the community we live in, we do our part by giving back to our community either by raising donations or by volunteering our time. Team 781 has connected with other organizations to improve the lives of children in other countries, those affected by illness, and even by just making a drive to work more bearable by planting trees that will act as a barrier against drifting snow.

View the document we use to plan our events here.

sarapumpkinIn support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and in celebration of Halloween, Kinetic Knights attended the Pumpkin Carve-Off held at Books and Beans (now Bean’s Bistro) in October 2010. The Knights carved a pumpkin with the FIRST logo on it, sparking an interest in our team and FIRST.

See more photos from the Pumpkin Carve-Off.

openhouseAfter our build season finishes, Kinetic Knights host a very exciting evening within the community; our Annual Open House! Members of the community, donors, alumni and politicians can come to see the team and our new robot in action. This is the day we unveil our robot to the world and showcase its abilities! This is also day our Woodie Flowers and Dean List nominees are revealed for the first time. It also gives our parents and donors a chance to see what our team has been working nonstop on for six weeks and that their investment in us has been put to good use.

We have also been lucky enough to have politicians, Bluewater School Board Trustees and Lake Huron Learning Center Board of Trustees come out and to have the event covered by the local media. The event continues to grow each year, with about 150 people at the 2014 Open House. 


In this years Open house the Mayor came and said a speech about our amazing group. The Woodie Flowers Nominee was Pat O'cain, we are very proud to have such an amazing mentor and contributor to our group.    

treeAnnually, the Kinetic Knights volunteer their time to Bruce Power's "Living Snow Fence Project," helping to plant trees along open sections of Highway 21.

Some of the worst driving conditions in Ontario plague Highway 21 every winter. The living snow fence creates a vegetative barrier that traps and controls blowing and drifting snow. Each year, the trees prevent, on average, 3 feet of snow from drifting onto the road. Not only is this a solution to winter driving dangers, but also a contributor to the environmental clean-up.

In the 7 years since the program's inception, we have been contributing to safer roads in the Kincardine area during the winter season.

h4hAfter the earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010 devastated the nation, the Kinetic Knights took some time from their crazy build season schedule and baked over 200 cupcakes. The cupcakes were then brought to our local elementary school to be sold during lunch. The cupcakes raised $1 350, which we sent to the Free the Children Haiti Earthquake Relief Program; it was matched by the Federal Government. The money was used for emergency relief, shipment of medical supplies, and education projects.

Learn more about Free the Children at their official website or the KDSS Free the Children Club.

In the spring of 2014, the Kinetic Knights created a Scholarship for grade eight graduating students. The recipient of this award must demonstrate interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, while inspiring other students to do the same. The award has been succesfully presented for the past two years. 

This award is based off off of the Engineering Inspiration Award that is presented at FIRST competitions, but with our own twist. By contacting local elementary schools - Huron Heights, St. Anthony's, and Ripley Huron Community School - we established our own award to present to one grade 8 graduating student from each school. Each student received a small monetary scholarship as well as a plaque designed and 3D printed by members of the Kinetic Knights. Members of the Kinetic Knights were present at each graduation to present the award.

garbage“Thanks to the Kinetic Knights for doing your environmental stewardship to clean up today. What a great job done by everyone!”- Carol Blake.

Being from one of the prettiest towns in Canada, it is always upsetting seeing garbage- and even stop signs- along the road while driving. In spring of 2009, the Kinetic Knights gladly volunteered to assist the community by cleaning up the garbage in Ward 1 of the Municipality of Kincardine. Students got down and dirty, collecting piles of garbage bags making the sides of road look a little nicer at the end of the day.

On June 28, 2014, members of 781 helped the Kincardine CIBC host their BBQ will all proceeds going to the CIBC Run for a Cure in support of Breast Cancer research. Members sold hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers for this wonderful cause.

CUREous George ft. the Kinetic Knights at the 2011 Kincardine Relay for Life

CUREous George ft. the Kinetic Knights at the 2011 Kincardine Relay for Life The Kinetic Knights wrapped up their summer events schedule with the Kincardine Relay for Life. The event ran from 7pm on Friday, August 12 until 7am the next morning. FIRST® Team 781 walked laps of the Davidson Centre track all through the night to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Through the generous support of friends and family, our team was able to raise $3300 for cancer research. Our relay team even picked up the Team Spirit Award at the event, our first since the Waterloo Regional in 2010. The event organizers did a fantastic job in coordinating all of the activities throughout the evening. We were incredibly grateful for all the meals we received during the course of the night. Special mention goes out to our programming lead Matt for walking 116 laps, equivalent to 46.4km! Thanks to everyone who participated.

This past 2014 summer, we had the pleasure of volunteering at an event called Dog Lovers Day, which is a dog show and competition along. In may, members of Team 781 handed out flyers that advertised for the event. On June 21-22, 2014, the Kinetic Knights volunteered at the event. 

Spending the day with dogs was in itself so much fun, let alone being able to demonstrate our Aerial Assist bot, Moose, to the general public. We supervised anyone who wanted to try driving Moose. Helping run doggie competitions and games was a blast as well. Many visits were made that day to our tent to learn more about who we are and the whole concept of FIRST.

Every December, Kincardine District Secondary School organizes a town wide food and toy drive to give out Christmas hampers to those in need over the holiday season. Team 781 has helped with this event by creating as many teams as volunteers to help go door to door collecting donations. Past team members have also been involved with planning and organizing this event. Our participation in Christmas Knights has helped us give back to the community and make a difference in the world around us. 

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