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FIRST Team 781 acts upon opportunities to connect and support the communities around us, whether they are local or international. We are always looking for a chance to spread the message of FIRST, and we participate in many community events to help achieve that. We create a partnership with other groups and organizations to make our area a safer, more connected, and environmentally friendly place to live. However, it doesn't stop there! We work alongside major relief organizations to assist those who live overseas and need our help. Our team is always striving to reach out to even the smallest of towns in our surrounding area and spark the spirit of anyone, whether individuals or entire businesses!

Throughout the summer and off-season, the Kinetic Knights can be found at all types of different community events demonstrating our robots. Whether it's one of our donor's events such as the Bruce Power Beach Party or one of our own, like our annual Open House, FIRST Team 781 is ready and willing to teach the public about how exciting science and technology can be with the FIRST program. We also bring along an FLL robot to demonstrate and encourage our younger visitors to join FIRST too. Each year the Kinetic Knights reach tens of thousands of people at our public events and through media coverage.

Thankful for the generous support from the community we live in, we do our part by giving back to our community either by raising donations or by volunteering our time. Team 781 has connected with other organizations to improve the lives of children in other countries, those affected by illness, and even by just making a drive to work more bearable by planting trees that will act as a barrier against drifting snow.

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In the beginning of the school year, Team 781 hosts information sessions at KDSS to talk about the team, we talk about what we do as a team, get people interested and invite them to our parent/student information session.  

Starting in September, Team 781 has a student and parent night, allowing people to tour our build site, classrooms and meet the members and mentors.

In the end of June, Grade 8 students again travel to KDSS as they prepare to enter high school. All the clubs and teams get to set up in the gym to try and get students excited and join. Team 781 can be found there once again, showing off the robot and playing videos from the season. Team 781 also travels into the surrounding public schools showing off their robot and business endeavours.   

In 2013 and 2014, the Kinetic Knights were invited to have our robot displayed at the Kincardine Home and Garden Show. Not only did it provide us with the opportunity to talk to the public that visited, but also the chance to meet and connect with potential donors who also had a display set up at the event. After popular demand, and with help from the organizers of the event, we were able to set up a robot demonstration in the lobby so people could see the robot in action.

IAPAIn May 2010, members of Team 781 traveled to Toronto to be a part of Bruce Power's presentation at the Industrial Accident Prevention Association's (IAPA) Annual Partners in Prevention Conference. As a health and safety conference for all Ontario's workplaces, and the largest safety conference in Canada, the Kinetic Knights were able to display and talk about FIRST and Bruce Power's commitment to safety to over 400 health and safety specialists, plant managers, human resources and wellness professionals. Visitors were even given the opportunity to drive the 2007 FRC robot, adding a little fun to everyone's day.

At the beginning of every FRC season, the Kinetic Knights host a kick-off event at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre for other participating FRC teams in the area. Team 2013 (Cyber Gnomes from Stayner), Team 4094 (Cyber Wolves from Angus), Team 1312 (Syntax Error from Walkerton), Team 1355 (Iron Stallions from Wingham), and Team 1244 (Viking Robotics from Goderich) have all attended this event in the past. The teams gather together to watch the live video feed, courtesy of NASA, detailing the new challenge for the FRC season. After lunch, everyone gathers again in the main auditorium to discuss the game and strategies. At the event, teams engage in icebreakers as a chance to get to know each other better. We feel it is very important for the teams to brainstorm all together as it allows us to share different ideas with each other, and therefore sharing our resources with other FRC teams.

Cruise Night 2 As the event that many say marks the beginning of summer tourist season, the Kincardine Cruise Night brings together thousands of people to downtown Kincardine to view classic cars on June 27, 2014 and August 2, 2014. 

The Kinetic Knights regularly attends this event with our robot, giving kids and interested adults a fun, interactive break from looking at cars to drive our robot. As one of the first major outreach events of the off-season we attended, we usually get tons of students, business and engineering professionals visiting us at our display, as it is their first real chance to view the robot up close. Even the Kincardine mascot, Blinky the Lighthouse, has test driven the robot at this event.

The team finds this event the perfect opportunity to connect with the locals, many who usually already know lots about the team from reading about us in the newspapers, but also the thousands of tourist that flock to Kincardine in the summer and have never heard about us or FIRST

As a part of the 2015 March Break agenda for the Kincardine Library, the Kinetic Knights brought their robot and lego mindstorm robots out. Community members got to interact with the robot and team members. They even got to play and build their own robot. 

multiEvery year our town hosts Multicultural Day to celebrate and embrace our community's diversity. As part of the many stations and booths, Team 781 demonstrates the robot for participants of Multicultural Day.This event is a perfect opportunity to share the message of FIRST with local residents. It also becomes a great recruitment event for our team as majority of our audience are children and high school students, who become captivated by the robot. Visitors to our booth are given the opportunity to drive our latest robot around and score on a miniature game field, usually only a couple days after coming home from the competition.

On November 29th, 2014 The Kinetic Knights hosted our third FLL Qualifying Tournament. We invited three teams from Huron Heights Public School, three teams from St. Anthony’s School and two teams from the Collingwood area. The event was organized by our First Lego League Lead Matt Strader. Many volunteers and mentors from our team volunteered their time and effort to help put on this event.

At this event many teams went away with some fantastic hardware. Triple Play from Collingwood ending winning the Champions Award. Code Yellow was awarded with the Robot Design award and Armed Forces with the Project Award. Lastly, The Mudslingers won Core values award and Robo Hawks received out Rising Star Award. The entire competition was close between countless teams and we can’t wait to see the outcome of the same regional next year.

On March 20, 2015, the Kinetic Knights joined the March Break Festivities at the Lucknow Library. Along with the 2014 robot and lego mindstorm robots, there were electricity activities, light and sound experiments, doodling robot, electric plane launcher, tin can robot, electric dragster, propeller race, dynamo torch and a windmill generator. Needless to say, this event was fun for technology enthusiasts of all ages in the area. 

In the spring of 2014, members of Team were invited to take part in the first annual 'Math Night," at École Elgin Market. This was a night for young kids to see all of the fun aspects of math and basic real world applications. The Kinetic Knights helped run booths with math activities, games and experiments that students could try. Our FRC bot to was brought in to show the young students what cool things could be done with math and hard work The young kids really enjoyed playing one of their favourite sports, with a robot. 

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