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FIRST Team 781 acts upon opportunities to connect and support the communities around us, whether they are local or international. We are always looking for a chance to spread the message of FIRST, and we participate in many community events to help achieve that. We create a partnership with other groups and organizations to make our area a safer, more connected, and environmentally friendly place to live. However, it doesn't stop there! We work alongside major relief organizations to assist those who live overseas and need our help. Our team is always striving to reach out to even the smallest of towns in our surrounding area and spark the spirit of anyone, whether individuals or entire businesses!

Throughout the summer and off-season, the Kinetic Knights can be found at all types of different community events demonstrating our robots. Whether it's one of our donor's events such as the Bruce Power Beach Party or one of our own, like our annual Open House, FIRST Team 781 is ready and willing to teach the public about how exciting science and technology can be with the FIRST program. We also bring along an FLL robot to demonstrate and encourage our younger visitors to join FIRST too. Each year the Kinetic Knights reach tens of thousands of people at our public events and through media coverage.

Thankful for the generous support from the community we live in, we do our part by giving back to our community either by raising donations or by volunteering our time. Team 781 has connected with other organizations to improve the lives of children in other countries, those affected by illness, and even by just making a drive to work more bearable by planting trees that will act as a barrier against drifting snow.

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On September 24, 2014, Team 781 attended A Night with Irene Mosley at the Kincardine Holiday Inn Conference, which was hosted by Team Kincardine. Irene Mosley is a speaker from News Zealand, who is a community activist about the importance of creating beneficial local partnerships.  A member of the Kinetic Knights was also a speakers at the event, talking about the partnerships our team has made and how they have affected the community. 

ABCsmall A tradition in Kincardine since 2008, the ABC Gathering brings together approximately 2 500 people at the Kincardine Airport to view classic aeroplanes, bikes, cars and now robots! In August 2011, the Kinetic Knights set up our robot demonstration in a space provided by our mentors Pat and Michelle and spoke to people about our team and FIRST. We even managed to recruit a new mentor, Ryan C, after he saw our team and test-drove the robot.

With the demonstration of our FLL robot as well, younger visitors were excited to join FLL in the fall when we spoke to them and their parents about how they too could get involved.

Team 781 joined the festivities of the BIA (Kincardine Business Improvement Area) Summer Street Markets on August 3, 2014. This was a fun filled event with shopping, entertainment, food and local artists. Team 781 was a part of the "Entertainment Crew" by playing games with the Ultimate Assist robot and game pieces. Children also got to navigate an obstacle course with the robot. It was an extremely successful event with thousands of town residences and tourists crowding the streets. 

beachparty Our title donor and founder, Bruce Power, holds an annual beach party for the community. Attendance is usually between 5,000 and 10,000, with much of the surrounding communities taking part in the festivities. Every year, the Kinetic Knights can be found demonstrating our most recent robot. Our exhibit is traditionally a sensation with guests of the beach party. Crowds constantly gather around to get a chance to drive the robot, and we use this opportunity to share the values of FIRST and what our team is all about. The Beach Party is a perfect opportunity for people of all ages to come together and share their love of science and technology. 

Every year, it alternates between Kincardine and Port Elgin, Ontario. 

Since the summer 2013, members of Team 781 have traveled to Bruce County Museum and Cultural Center in Southampton, Ontario. We have been the main attraction at the museum by hosting our very own robotics exhibit. We were invited to the museum because we are changing the culture around science and mathematics by actively involving people of all ages in the fun and exciting aspects of technology. We continued to participate at the museum in the summer of 2014, on July 30, 2014 and August 6, 2014.

On March 21, 2015, the Kinetic Knights hosted events for children on their March Break. They got the opportunity to "play" with a robot and build amazing creations with Lego building blockers. 

In February 2015, Kinetic Knights were nominated for a Chamber of Commerce Community Achievement Award: Enbridge Quality of Life Award, along with Areva and the Kincardine Health Team. It was an honour to be nominated alongside with all of the incredible individuals and businesses. This award is presented to an individual, business or non-profit organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the quality of life of a person, group or organization in the community.  

On March 21, 2015, two members and a mentor attended the Chamber of Commerce Gala, with a speech in hand. At the event, they socialized with business and charity leaders and had a wonderful dinner. After dinner, the awards were given out, Oscar style. The award's criteria was defined, the nominations were announced along with the reason for each nomination, then the winner was disclosed. Each winner got a beautiful trophy, and certificates signed by the MP and MPP. We are so honoured to be presentated the Quality of Life Award. 

In 2014, members of Team 781 helped their founding sponsor, Bruce Power at the Annual Doors Open Kincardine event. Every year, businesses and home owners open their buildings up for tours. This allows visitors and fellow community members to see and appreciate all of the aspects the their beautiful town. The Kinetic Knights helped provide tours for community members of the Bruce Power Training Center. 

In 2015, Team 781 will be hosting their own exhibit in the Door Open Event, alongside the Lake Huron Learning Collaborative. The Lake Huron Learning Center will be open up for tours so the community can see all of the classrooms that offer post-secondary education to local residences and workshops of the Kinetic Knights Robotics Team.  

During the summers of 2005 – 2007, the Kinetic Knights assisted a local expo targeted at promoting alternative energies in the area. Each of those years the Kinetic Knights created a theme-appropriate, two-day LEGO® Challenge for students attending the expo to take part in. The challenge was responsible for bringing in several schools to compete. The first year had 50 students participating and grew to over 100 students participating in 2007. Additionally, the team had a booth set up with our robot and information about our team and FIRST. We used this opportunity to spread awareness of the FRC and FLL programs as well as to encourage alternative energy.

In the summer of 2013, the Kinetic Knight set up a stand at the Rotary fun in the park. We set up a small Ultimate Ascent game field in the morning, and by afternoon, we’d gotten our practice robot’s network code working. Kincardinites of every age got the exciting opportunity to drive our robot around an obstacle course, and even score some goals! A fun time was had by all.

In the summer of 2008, the Kinetic Knights were honoured with presenting our robot, team, and the message of FIRST at a Governor General’s Leadership Conference held at Bruce Power. At this event, the team talked with many different business leaders from all over Canada, with representation from every province, about our team and the impact that FIRST can have on a community. We also got the chance to demonstrate a couple of robots and assisted those attending on driving them. Many of the business leaders who took the time to participate described our presentation of as both powerful and inspiring.

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