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Request for Donations Package 2013-2014

The Team 781 Request for Donations Package was created as a formal document to present to potential donors as we meet with them. It allows potential donors to learn more about the team and the benefits of donation, both for them and the team. The Request for Donations Package is a small booklet, which includes information about our team such as our brief history, achievements, impact, our budget, and details on what the money we receive will go towards.




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Guide to Meeting Potential Donors

When meeting with a potential donor, it is always a good idea to plan out the conversation. Knowing what you are going to discuss and how you are going to discuss it will really help you when you meet with a business or individual. This guide outlines the steps for a successful meeting with a potential donor.




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Donor Questionnaire

When you actually go in to meet with a potential donor, you need to remember everything you discuss with them. A great way to keep track of this is by writing down exactly what was discussed in the meeting. We use this document to record every donor meeting. This helps us to make sure that everything is documented so we can look back on it in the future and make any necessary adjustments when when contacting that business or individual again.




How to Make a Phone Call

Calling Potential Donors

Team members follow this general script when making the initial phone call to a business. It is important not to strictly follow this script, otherwise you will seem robotic. To make an effective phone call, you should sound natural and reserved, as well as confident!


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