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Business Plan

2015-2016 Business Plan

We created our first business plan for the 2012-2013 season, and we were honoured to be the recipients of the Entrepreneurship Award! This document is regularily distributed to donors and industry professionals, and we have received positive feedback for each iteration. Click here to download.

Most of these resources were created specifically for Team 781 to help organize our team and our events. However, they are easily adaptable to suit any FIRST team's needs.

Project management isn’t complicated, it’s just a template of things to think through ahead of time. Planning things in advance and then working through the plan will make your team successful.

Team Events


Community Event Reference Sheet

Team 781 uses this reference sheet to organize our outreach events and keep documentation on events in the future. Created by Team 781 alumnus, David. Click here to download.
Organizing Kickoff

Organizing FIRST Robotics Local Kick Off

The Prezi highlights the procedure we use to organize our Kincardine FIRST Kick-Off. Created by Team 781 mentor, Richard. Click here to view.

Team Organization

Project Management

Project Management Presentation

Project management is a system which uses specialized knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to ensure that a project achieves its objectives. This presentation covers tips specifically for planning an FRC build season. Created by Team 781 mentor, MichelleClick here to view.


  • Lastly, we maintain a wiki for Kinetic Knight access only.
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Our documents can help you set your potential in motion. Click here for more.


Our donors donate their time and money to support our team and the students. Check them out!