FIRST Stronghold

FRC 2016 FIRST Stronghold

Object of the Game

Robots must work together to cross defenses, score goals, and capture (or better, climb) the tower.


FIRST Stronghold is played with two alliances; red vs blue, with three teams making up each alliance. The playing area is on a flat 27ft x 54ft field with matches lasting two minutes and thirty seconds. The field consists of three zones: red courtyard, neutral zone, and blue courtyard. Teams gain points by scoring boulders (dodgeballs) in the high or low goals, by crossing as many as five defences a maximum of two times each, and by scaling or coming to rest on the tower at the end of the match.

The matches begin with an autonomous period of 15 seconds which is followed by a teleoperated period, meaning that teams are allowed to take control of their robots. In the last 20 seconds, teams may climb. FIRST Stronghold is a great challenge that requires strategy, skill, and teamwork in order to suceed. May the best robots win! 

Game Animation


FRC 2016 Robot, Duncan

Our robot was built with the following priorities in mind:

  • Drive - We needed a robust drivetrain to withstand the defences
  • Shooter -

Our Team

2016 Team Member Group Photo

Build Captain: Chris
Admin Captain: Lana
Safety Captain: John
Robot Driver: Derek
Robot Function Operator:  Jed
Drive Coach: Chris
Human Player: Brendan
Chairman's Presenters: Lana, Brett and Priya
Overall Record: 20-18-0

Major Accomplishments

  • First Regional Win Since 2012 (Succesful on the third attempt at Buckeye!)
  • Jed Gonzales was a Dean's List Finalist at GTR West
  • Celebrating our 15th Season


Greater Toronto West Regional Buckeye Regional
  • Ranked 29th out of 41 Teams
  • Record of 5-7-0
  • 1st pick by 8th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 5834 and 854
  • Quarter-Finalists
  • Ranked 10th out of 58 Teams
  • Record of 12-4-0
  • 1st pick by 1st Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 4039 and 4121
  • Winners


Tesla Division
  • Ranked 62nd out of 75 Teams
  • Record of 3-7-0
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