Ultimate Ascent

2013 UltimateAscent

Object of the Game

Robots have to shoot Frisbees though different targets on the field and climb a pyramid as the end game.


Ultimate Ascent is played with two alliances; red vs blue, with three teams making up each alliance. The playing area is on a 27ft x 54ft field with matches lasting two minutes and fifteen seconds. The field consists of two pyramids placed in the center of each half and five scoring locations located on the opposite ends of the field from the alliance stations, where the drive teams are. There are five goals in total; four of which are on the opposing alliance's wall and the fifth is located on the top of both pyramids.

The matches begin with an autonomous period of 15 seconds which is followed by a teleoperated period, meaning that teams are allowed to take control of their robots. In the final 30 seconds, the human players can throw Frisbees to try and earn additional points for their alliance.

Game Animation:

Game animation courtesy of FRC Team 801's YouTube Channel


2013 robot


Wide orientation chassis, welded from 2”x1” extruded aluminum tubing (Dimensions: 31” x 24.75”)
4-wheel tank drive

  • 2 -6” AndyMark Traction wheels on front, 2 -6” VexPro Omni-wheels on back for increased maneuverability
  • Driven with #25 roller chain by 2 CIM motors per 2-speed Andymark SuperShifter Gearboxes for a total of four CIMs


Robot has one attachment for shooting discs and a cartridge for holding 4 discs. A funnel made of street sweeper brushes across the front of the frame direct any discs into an 11” area where a vertically mounted wheel shoots discs into the cartridge. When the robot has all 4 discs, it raises the stack on a platform driven by a lead screw and brings it up to a wheel above the cartridge that spins, bringing the discs into the disc shooter one by one. The shooter uses one 6” wheel directly driven by a MiniCIM motor and a track surrounding the wheel with 28” of contact. The entire shooter pivots to change angles, driven up and down by a lead screw on one side, and assisted by a pneumatic piston on the other.

Electrical and Pneumatics

All of the components of the control system are located on a single board mounted on the flat area above our disc shooter. This includes the cRIO, digital sidecar, power distribution board, wireless radio, and all of the speed controllers and relays. The air compressor, pressure valves and pneumatic solenoid switches are located below the disc shooter, along with the battery. Having the electrical board as one panel allows for faster installation and its location above lets us see our control components for easier diagnostics and quicker repair.

Programming and Sensors

Encoders on drive for ability to sense drive rotations
Gyro on robot to sense direction
Encoder on pivot to sense degree of tilt (reset to zero every time it is lowered by hitting a limit switch)
Encoder on disc lifter lead screw to sense distance lifted (reset to zero every time it is lowered by hitting a limit switch)
Photo sensor is mounted above shooter wheel to count when spokes pass by, then using number of spokes passed by per amount of time, we can find the speed of the wheel to control it. 
Camera is used to track the reflective targets and white discs on the ground.

Our Team


Build Captain: Bradley
Admin Captain: Aayushi
Robot Driver: James
Robot Attachment: Ervin
Coach: Bradley
Human Player: Luke
Chairman's Presenters: Mickey, Kush and Alex
Overall Record: 24-27-0

Major Accomplishments

  • Our team's first Regional Chairman's Award at GTR East
  • Bill Jackson winning the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at GTR East
  • Winning 2 Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Being featured in  FIRST  February Newsletter for our FLL initiative


Greater Toronto East Regional
  • Ranked 27th out of 34 Teams
  • Record of 6-10-0
  • 2nd pick by 5th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 2013 and 2994
  • Semi-Finalists
Waterloo Regional
  • Ranked 15th out of 32 Teams
  • Record of 6-8-0
  • 1st pick by 7th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 4519 and 1305
  • Quarter-Finalists
Buckeye Regional
  • Ranked 6th out of 53 Teams
  • Record of 9-4-0
  • 6th Alliance Captains
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 2016 and 3496
  • Quarter-Finalists

World Championship

Curie Division
  • Ranked 73rd out of 100 Teams
  • Record of 3-5-0
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