2011 LogoMotion

Object of the Game

Place inflatable tubes on a scoring rack to create the FIRST Logo.


Logomotion™ is played by two competing alliances on a flat 27ft x 54ft field.

Each alliance consists of three robots. They compete to hang as many inflated plastic shapes (triangles, circles, and squares) on their grids as they can during a 2 minute and 15 second match. The higher the teams hang their game pieces on their scoring grid, the more points their alliance receives.

The match begins with one 15-second Autonomous Period in which robots operate independently of driver inputs and must hang Ubertubes to score extra points. For the rest of the match, drivers control robots and try to maximize their alliance score by hanging as many logo pieces as possible. Any logo piece hung on the same peg as an Ubertube receives double points. If teams assemble the logo pieces on their scoring grids to form the  FIRST logo (triangle, circle, square, in a horizontal row in that order), the points for the entire row are doubled.

The match ends with robots deploying minibots, small electro-mechanical assemblies that are independent of the host robot, onto vertical poles. The minibots race to the top of the pole to trigger a sensor and earn additional bonus points.

Game Animation:

Game animation courtesy of Team 801's YouTube Channel




Welded box aluminum frame with CNC belly pan
6-wheel drive, 6" AndyMark wheels
Two speeds (4fps and 15fps)
4 CIMs through 2-speed AndyMark transmission


Powered by RS-775 motor through AndyMark gearbox
Made of 28mm extrusion


Powered by a Window motor
Capable of 270° of motion


Pneumatically actuated pinch claw
Uses kit of parts compressor
Capable of grabbing overinflated or underinflated tubes


Drive:  Uses encoders to calculate distance travelled
Wrist:  Encoders used to place uber tubes in autonomous mode
Shoulder:  Encoders to locate scoring rack in autonomous mode


2011minibot t
Image taken by  Pat Fairbank

Made with Tetrix parts with modified gearbox
Uses a household light switch as shutoff at top of pole
Climbs pole from deployment line to trigger in 1.8s

Deployment System

Slingshot style
Linear extrusion slide powered by surgical tubing

Programming Description

In autonomous mode, the robot is able to hang uber tubes on top row.

"Our robot doesn't run on batteries, it runs on hopes and dreams!"

Our Team

2011teamsmall Build Captain:  Sven
Admin Captain:  Janelle
Robot Driver:  Sven
Robot Attachment:  Stewart
Coach:  Matt
Human Player:  James
Chairman's Presenters:  Tawny, Janelle, David Y 
Overall Record:  51-17-0

Major Accomplishments:

  • Finishing 2nd at the World Championships
  • Winning GTR West Regional- First Regional win since 2002
  • Seeding 1st out of 58 teams at the Buckeye Regional, highest our team has ever placed in Qualification Matches
  • Celebrating 10 years as an FRC Team


  • Ranked 3rd out of 29 Teams
  • Record of 11-4-0
  • 3rd Alliance Captain
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 3683 and 2625
  • Semi-Finalist
Greater Toronto West Regional
  • Ranked 5th out of 35 Teams
  • Record of 13-3-0
  • 1st pick by 1st Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 2056 and 1547
  • Regional Winners

Buckeye Regional

  • Ranked 1st out of 58 Teams
  • Record of 14-2-0
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 1126 and 1241
  • Regional Finalist

World Championship

Archimedes Division
  • Ranked 34th out of 88 Teams
  • Record of 11-6-0
  • 2nd pick by 1st Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 2016 and 177
  • Division Winners
Einstein Field
  • 2-0 Win over Curie Alliance in Semi-Finals
  • 0-2 Loss to Galileo Alliance in Finals
  • Championship Finalist
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