FRC 2008 Overdrive

Object of the Game

Robots drive counter-clockwise around a center barrier to earn points. Additional points can be earned if the robot is able to move a 40" Trackball around the field and placing it over or under an overpass in the center of the field.


Overdrive is played on a 27ft x 54ft field with two alliances consisting of three teams playing against each other.During the first 15-second Autonomous mode, robots are controlled by pre-programmed instructions. Robots can earn 8 points for knocking their Trackball off the Overpass, 8 points if they are able to get the Trackball over the Overpass and 2 points for getting their Trackball across the finish line. 4 points can be earned in the Autonomous mode whenever the robot crosses a lane marker, their opponent’s finish line, and when it crosses its own finish line. After the Autonomous mode, the game then enters the 2-minute Teleoperated period. Human drivers control the robots and can earn 2 points whenever the robot crosses the finish line and 2 points whenever their Trackball crosses the finish line. At the end of the game the alliance with earn an extra 12 points for each Trackball that is placed back onto of the overpass.

Game Animation

Game animation courtesy of Team 801's YouTube Channel

Big Bruce 7

FRC 2008 robot, Big Bruce 8

Our Team

2008 Team Member Group Photo Overall Record: 12-14-1


Waterloo Regional
  • Ranked 9th out of 30 Teams
  • Record of 7-6-1
  • 7th Alliance Captain
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 1241 and 854
  • Quarter-Finalist
Greater Toronto Regional
  • Ranked 41th out of 66 Teams
  • Record of 5-8-0
  • 2nd pick by 4th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 1241 and 1565
  • Semi-Finalist
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