Rack 'n Roll

2007 RacknRoll

Object of the Game

Arrange pool tubes in rows on a "Rack", just like Tic Tac Toe.


Rack 'n Roll is played on a 27ft x 54ft field by 2 alliances of 3 teams each.

At the start of the match, robots enter a 15 second autonomous period where robots use vision sensors to locate the "Rack", an octagonal structure with 3 "Legs" on each side, and place special autonomous period pool tubes, or "Keepers" on its Legs. After that period teams must get rid of any remaining Keepers on their side of the field. At the start of the 2-minute teleoperated period, 2 new tubes are introduced; "Ringers," which must be arranged in rows to score points; and "Spoilers," which are used to break up rows and stop the other team from receiving points.

During the last 15 seconds robots must remain on their sides of the field but can still place tubes on the Rack. However this is the ideal time for robots to lift each other off of the ground to score end-game points.

Game Animation

Game animation courtesy of Team 801's YouTube Channel

Big Bruce 6

FRC 2007 Robot for Rack 'n Roll

Our Team

2007 Team Member Group Photo Overall Record: 7-14-0


Waterloo Regional
  • Ranked 18th out of 30 Teams
  • Record of 5-8-0
  • Picked by the 7th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 1901 and 773
  • Quarter-Finalist
Greater Toronto Regional
  • Ranked 55th out of 63 Teams
  • Record of 2-6-0
  • Not Picked for Eliminations
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