Triple Play

FRC 2005 Triple Play

Object of the Game

Stack “Tetras”, small frame pyramids, on top of similar shaped goals, arranged in a tick-tack board pattern.


Triple Play is played on a 27 ft x 50 ft field by two alliances, each consisting of three robot.

At the start of the match, robots enter autonomous mode where robots run off of a pre-programmed code in order to knock off Tetras from the corner goals and place special Vision Tetras on top of goals for bonus points. Teams earn points by getting a Tetra or Vision Tetra on the goal, worth 3 points; placing a Tetra on the base of a goal, awarding 1 point; controlling a row of three Tetras on the top of the stack, worth an additional 10 points; and having all of your alliance’s robots behind the line at your side of the field at the end of the match, yet another 10 points. To grab another Tetra, robots have the option of going to either an automatic loading zone, where the loading zone is always kept with one Tetra available to be picked up, or a manual loading zone, where players step off of a pressure plate, disabling their robot, and placing a Tetra on them, then returning to the pressure plate to enable their robot again. At the end of the game, robots rush to their sides of the field to get behind the line where they started to grab end game points that could decide the match.

Game Animation

Game animation courtesy of Team 801's YouTube Channel

Big Bruce 4

FRC 2005 Robot

Our Team

2005 Team Member Group Photo Overall Record: 10-13-0


Waterloo Regional
  • Ranked 15th out of 24 Teams
  • Record of 7-8-0
  • 2nd pick by 5th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 1334 and 1006
  • Semi-Finalist
Greater Toronto Regional
  • Ranked 40th out of 66 Teams
  • Record of 3-5-0
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