FIRST Frenzy - Raising the Bar

FRC 2004 FIRST Frenzy

Object of the Game

Get different colored balls into numerous goals


First Frenzy is played on a 48ft x 24ft field by two alliances consisting of two teams on each alliance. The autonomous mode involves knocking a yellow ball off a pole outside of the game area. This action results in the team winning a small bonus and all the balls above that team's station being released 40 seconds earlier than they would be released, allowing the alliance to immediately begin collecting and scoring balls. The rest of the match, both alliances continue to score as many points as possible. Teams must push balls into chutes in order to deliver them to their human players, who can then throw them into stationary goals. The end game consists of teams capping the goals with the multiplier balls and then hanging off a bar.

Game Animation

Game animation courtesy of Team 801's YouTube Channel

Big Bruce C

FRC 2004 Robot, Big Bruce C

Our Team

2004 Team Member Group PhotoOverall Record: 6-8-0

Canadian Regional
  • Ranked 37th out of 75 Teams
  • Record of 6-8-0
  • 1st pick by 4th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 296 and 1109
  • Semi-Finalist
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