Stack Attack

FRC 2003 Stack Attack

Object of the Game

Knock over and stack bins


Stack Attack is played on a 24ft x 54ft field by 2 alliances consisting of 2 teams each, facing off for a duration of 2 minutes. The game requires robots to collect and stack containers on their side of the playing field.

The field layout is depicted by 29 containers placed atop the center platform in a pyramid shape; making a wall, separating 2 halves of the playing field. Each team is given 4 bins at the start of a match. The game starts off in the Human Player period, which lasts 10 seconds. In that time, human players can walk onto the field and pass or receive 1 or more of their bins to their allied team's human player. This is followed by a 15 second autonomous period, where robots have to function using pre-programmed instructions. Robots can race up the platform to collect or move containers to score points or knock down their opponents’ containers. After the autonomous period, drivers have 1 minute and 45 seconds to control their robots and try to earn more points than the opposing alliance.

The final score is determined by multiplying the number of containers in the highest stack by the total number of legal containers in an alliance’s coloured, scoring zone. Each robot earns an extra 25 points for their alliance if they are on top of the platform at the end of a match.

Game Animation

Game animation courtesy of Team 801's YouTube Channel

Big Bruce B

FRC 2003 Robot, Big Bruce B

Our Team

2003 Team Member Group PhotoOverall Record: 9-7-0


Canadian Regional
  • Ranked ? out of 52 Teams
  • Record of 2-6-0


Curie Division
  • Ranked ? out of 72 Teams
  • Record of 7-1-0
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 126 and 322
  • Semi-Finalist
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