Zone Zeal

FRC 2002 Zone Zeal

Object of the Game

Place balls and goals in certain parts of the playing field


Zone Zeal is played on a 24ft x 48ft field by 2 alliances consisting of 2 teams each. Each alliance competed over moving goals and balls into zones on the playing field.

The field is divided into five "zones" and, at the start of the match, 40 balls are placed along the side of the field, in the center zone and the 2 adjacent zones. The center zone also holds 3 mobile goals. Each zone has its own number: 1 through 5. The Blue Alliance can receive points for ball-filled goals in zones 4 and 5 with an additional 10 points in zone 5, whereas the Red Alliance can receive points for goals in zones 1 and 2 with an additional 10 points in zone 1. 10 more points are awarded to alliances for each of their robots in their respective bonus point zones. Alliances are awarded 1 point for each ball in a mobile goal, residing in one of their controlled zones.

Big Bruce

FRC 2002 Robot, Big Bruce

Our Team

Overall Record: 19-4-1


Canadian Regional
  • Ranked ? out of 44 Teams
  • Record of 13-3-1
  • Picked by Alliance #8
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 610 and 865
  • Winner


Newton Division
  • Ranked ? out of 73 Teams
  • Record of 6-1-0
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