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Not FIRST LEGO® League, not FIRST Robotics Competition, but... FIRST Tech Challenge! Similar in many ways, and yet so different! FTC is for students who want a more competitive feel to robotics tournaments, competing head to head with a sports replicated scenario.

Although similar to FRC, where students design, build, and program custom robots to complete certain challenges, FTC has its differences. For example, in FTC, teams are allowed to reuse the Kit of Parts year after year, which makes FTC much cheaper for teams. Unlike FRC, FIRST Tech Challenge has a suggested maximum of ten members per team.

In many other ways, however, they are similar. In both of the programs, two alliances face off against each other, battling it out on the playing field. These competitions are not only about who has the best robot, or who has the most advanced programming sequences. Much of the heat in competition lies in the strategy involved, and this is the same across both programs.

Since FTC is predominantly present in the United States, we do not have many teams here in Canada. That is not to say, however, that it is not expanding throughout the country. A younger brother to the Kinetic Knights' program, FTC is a great program for teams that want the heat of competition, along with the size and serenity of a small-scale team and robot.

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