FIRST® Robotics Competition

FIRSTRobotics IconVert RGBThe FIRST Robotics Competition is a robotics competition that challenges high school students to design and build their own innovative, creative, and fully functional robots. With the help of knowledgeable mentors, students have only six weeks to construct a robot based on the year's game challenge.

At the beginning of January, there is a worldwide event, known as Kick-Off, during which all teams around the world are introduced to the year's game challenge and game field. Teams are issued a standard kit of parts as well as the rules for the game. In the six weeks that follow, the students and mentors must build a robot to complete the challenge.

After this build season, teams may enter to compete in regional competitions with the hope of qualifying for the FIRST World Championship. These high-intensity competitions are very exciting. Teams cheer on their robots and compete to win awards (not only awards for the robot) such as Website Award, Entrepreneurship Award, and the most prestigious award: the Chairman's Award.

Teams are always encouraged to try their best to not only build the most effective robot, but to spread the message of FIRST. FRC gives students the opportunity to gain skills in construction and problem solving, and also helps them gain confidence and learn how to be graciously professional.

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