FIRSTLego IconVert RGB FIRST  LEGO® League is an interactive engineering challenge designed for younger students. The competition is open to students in Grades 4-8 and requires teams to design and build a LEGO® robot to complete the given task. FLL allows elementary students to apply math and science skills to real-world problems and research some of the issues facing today's scientists. Students also learn about teamwork, critical thinking and public speaking, all while having loads of fun.

Each year, teams around the world receive a game riddled with challenges. They then have a limited amount of time to construct and program sequences into robots from LEGO® Mindstorms kits. They are challenged to program their robot to complete the tasks that are laid out for them on the playing field. These challenges are all based on a theme that carries throughout the entire season.

These themes are important both on and off the field. Apart from building their robots and competing against other teams, students have the opportunity to enhance their team's understanding of the season's theme by preparing a presentation. These projects highlight ideas that students themselves have created to solve the world's problems, specifically relating to the season's theme. Teams present these projects to a panel of judges at competitions and are marked based on their creativity and understanding of the topic at hand.

FLL is a great way for students to be introduced to the never-ending and exciting world of  FIRST . As they continue through their FLL careers, students will unlock skills and techniques that will be used for more advanced designs, programming, and creativity, all of which they will use to compete at local, regional, and international events. FLL is the perfect way for young students to get involved and interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. It provides them with a large variety of career paths in the future with numerous branches leading into the fields of their choice.

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