Thank You


Any student or mentor on the Kinetic Knights could tell you how much we appreciate our donors. Your donation means:

  • We can keep the team members' cost low, allowing anyone to participate
  • We are able to build a highly competitive robot
  • You are helping create an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for high school students

To show our appreciation, we would like to keep our donors better informed of what we are up to throughout the year. We invite you to attend any of our events (competition and outreach) and set up a time to stop by our work site. Simply contact someone on the "Contact Us" page.


To meet us, please visit the Competitions, Fundraisers and Public Appearances page to see where we will be.

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Our documents can help you set your potential in motion. Click here for more.


Our donors donate their time and money to support our team and the students. Check them out!